Prolonging the magic … A4 sketching paper

Unfortunately not everyone’s got an A3 printer. That’s why we’ve created an A4 version of our sketching paper.

This is the sketching paper we use at Concept7 after generating ideas for functionalities. We choose ideas based on design principles in order to design the first screens. These first screens are usually drawn with pen and paper.

Concept7 sketching paper A4 Pdf 330Kb
Concept7 sketching paper A3 Pdf 270Kb

5 Replies

  1. Vitaliy

    There must be pixel width marks, like 800px width, 960px width etc…

  2. job ballard

    i have another version of this, i really like the recording of who its for and details… i will steal that and add it to mine, designers always forget that kind of thing.

  3. Michael Mangan

    Really handy works really well under a bit of tracing paper

  4. 360 Webshops

    Great tool! Loved the book ZKHO too.
    Thanks for sharing!