Decision modes to help improve websites

Some posts ago I wrote about an MBTI based ideation framework for sketching ideas. This week I came across this great video which explains the same four decision modes, the video is accompanied by great examples on the Mint website homepage.

FutureNow persona breakdown

The terms Competitive, Spontaneous, Methodical and Humanistic were first coined by the Eisenberg brothers in their great book Waiting for your cat to bark?.

In a previous post I talked about how an MBTI based framework can be helpful to generate ideas for website concepts. This week I came across this video which explains the same method by describing the Mint homepage as an example.

The designers of the Mint website either consciously or unconsciously designed the website for all four buying modalities. The video below was created by James Archer of Forty, an American marketing agency.

Four decision modes

Competitive Fast, logical decision maker
Spontaneous Fast, emotional decision maker
Methodical Slow, logical decision maker
Humanistic Slow, emotional decision maker

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How people decide on websites

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