Persuasion stories

A couple of months ago I read this book by Cialdini called ‘Influence’, he describes 6 powerful weapons of influence. I decided to read the follow-up Yes! 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive which describes 50 stories about the 6 persuasive weapons in action. For some of the weapons I tried to find examples on the web which (consciously or unconsciously) use them succesfully.

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Selling usability

Do you have to justify usability within your organization? At the second UX Book Club in Groningen we read ‘Selling Usability: User Experience Infiltration Tactics’ by John S. Rhodes. We concluded this book could help you in the right direction, but beware, there’s more to it…

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Axure tabs widget

In Axure RP Pro two important functionalities like ‘masters’ and ‘dynamic panels’ help us create rich interactions really efficiently. In some cases they don’t work really well together, I tried to find a work-a-round which I’m sharing with you in a tab widget form today.

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